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Will Trump’s Border Wall Prevent Human Trafficking? Experts Aren’t Sure (April 2017)

Dottie Laster said she wants people to be aware that traffickers aren’t just bringing people into the United States — they’re also taking people the other direction across the border into Central America.

Nobody stops you going out. It’s really easy to get into Mexico, but coming back — the security is more difficult,” Laster said.


Interview with People Magazine on the stabbing death of Mari Gilbert, mother of Shannon Gilbert whose remains touched off the investigation of the Long Island Serial Killer, July 2016

July 2016  Sister Heard Voices Before Fatally Stabbing Mom, Whose Other Daughter Was Found Near Mass Grave

“The tragedies and illness are often intertwined,” says Dottie Laster, a private investigator and missing-persons specialist who helped the Gilbert family search for Mari Gilbert’s older daughter, Shannan.


Texas Monthly, THE LOST GIRLS (download PDF)

by Mimi Swartz with photos by Van Ditthavong


In March, 2017, Dottie Laster was featured in Vanity Fair Confidential on the Investigation Discovery channel who covered the case of “El Gallo,” leader of one of the largest human trafficking rings in Houston. Dottie played a large part in bringing down this ring and helping over 120 girls escape. She has continued assisting them over the years and believes that El Gallo was operating undisturbed for 20 years before being apprehended.

Locked up Next Door can be viewed online at the Vanity Fair Confidential website.

The Texas Rescue episode follows Dottie Laster and her team performing rescue attempts of known victims of trafficking by “purchasing” her services, often with the pimp waiting outside.

September 16, 2016 The Joe Pags Show

September 8, 2016 The Joe Pags Show

KSAT San Antonio Somber anni­versary approaches for Heidi Search Center

News 4 San Antonio Interview with Melissa Varga

MSNBC’S Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue
KVUE Human Trafficking in Central Texas


Five years in the making, The Cantinera tells the story of girls who are forced to work in latin bars, or cantinas, throughout the United States, often forced to drink 20-40 beers a night, 7 days a week. It’s a story often overlooked when studying aspects of human trafficking and forced labor, yet it’s an account of thousands of women who are caught in its web with no way out.

The Cantinera Documentary


March 2015 Hotelier denies he exploited poor residents

Jan. 2015 New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Nov. 2014 Rising Up, Ft. Worth Weekly

Sept. 2014  Forced Abortions are Happening in America on Victims of Sex Trafficking

July 2013 Town Hall Magazine, Human Trafficking on Your Campus 

Jan. 2013 Treasures under a microscope, for now, Houston Chronicle


Dec. 2012 ‘The Cantinera’ exposes niche of human trafficking dilemma

Nov. 2012 Lawmakers Expect Fight Against Anti-Trafficking Bill, Texas Tribune

Oct. 2012 MORE Magazine, Sex Trafficking’s Unlikely Angel

June 2012, PI Magazine, Slavery is Alive in the USA and Beyond: Investigators Needed

Dec. 2011 Remains believed to be Shannan Gilbert are found, police on Long Island say

Dec. 2011 Anniversary binds slain woman’s kin

Aug. 2011 Gold & Blue (Download PDF)

July 2011 Victims’ families investigate possible serial killer

April 2011 MS Magazine, The Real Story on Human Trafficking

March 2011 Teens talk about trafficking, My San Antonio

March 2010 Porn, addiction, and the black market, San Antonio Currant


 The Roth Show, Regular Weekly Co-Host


January 2105, The Dana Pretzer Show on Scared Monkeys Radio

June 2014 PI Declassified  with Francie Kohler

Feb 2013, It’s A Crime Radio with Margaret McLean

Nov 2012, The Full Monty Leadership Program with Dov Baron

Nov. 2012 San Antonio Living Interview

Host, TRAFFICKED Radio on Here Women Talk


Trafficked Designs Jewelry Making Workshops, “Make one, donate one”

Trafficked Designs Art Projects

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