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This is a good time to discuss safe use of the internet and ways they could be targeted by predators.


Speaking/Training Events and Presentations:

Understanding the Grooming Process of Traffickers

“What do bright college students have to worry about?”

•Defining “Romeo Pimps”
•Seduction tactics used
•How traffickers use the judicial system
•Why the increase in high schools and colleges?

Abandoned, Abused and Neglected Children, The Throwaways

“Why Should We Care”

•International child prostitution
•Convergence of power, money, and extreme poverty

•The global war on children
•Buyers of child sex, the fairy tales and myths

The Economics of Human Trafficking

•Supply and demand
•How much can an individual victim make, and how?
•Where is funding for survivors?
• Saving One Soul
• When and how to use the media for cases
•Could it be my family?
• Overcoming trauma -stories of resilience

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