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Cans of Soda: The Marketing of Commercial Sex

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I am often looking for ways to visualize (that are not too offensive) and to explain the tactics used by traffickers so that they are easily understood. I came up with the analogy of cans of soda and their marketing.

We all know that soda is sugar, water, flavors and dyes- to make it simple- it’s nothing more than flavored sugar and water in a can combined with branding, marketing, design and a promise of a “dream come true” or to live an “exciting fantasy.”

Commercial Sex and Marketing Flavors

When trying to explain commercial sex it’s like explaining cans of soda, just different flavors marketed as a fantasy, or a dream to purchase. It is as false as believing that Red Bull actually gives you wings, or that polar bears are happy and playful after drinking Coca Cola – at Christmas- with seals. ( I do love that one)

Stripping, pornography, escorts, cantinas (pony bars), Asian massage parlors, swingers, outcalls from websites, and BDSM are all just like brands of soda marketed for various tastes. Advertising for commercial sex, these tastes are created, manipulated, and marketed, primarily to a male audience.

In the documentary Sex + Money a pornographer states, “…there are many sick people in the world- we are just here to make money off of them… there are only a few ways people have sex so we have to create other ways to encourage consumption of our product such as violence, younger, and more disturbed scenes in order to create an ongoing demand.”

So cans of soda are created- new flavors invented and markets expanded.

To feed the demand of commercial sex a supply must be created. Force, fraud and coercion are used and the marketing campaigns are overwhelmingly targeted to men.

If women don’t want to buy sex, why would they line up in droves to sell sex many times a day, up to 40 in some cases.

Maybe an energy drink, or purchased sex, can give you wings or make polar bears smile?

Or perhaps it’s all just a marketing scheme, or scam.

Cans of Soda: The Marketing of Commercial Sex