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Unlikely Angel meets Angel Flying Close to the Ground

Lukas Nelson, Dottie Laster

Unlikely Angels flying too close to the ground

When I was interviewed by Mimi Swartz for MORE Magazine in 2012, they dubbed me “Sex Trafficking’s Unlikely Angel.” Probably because I’m just like every other mom next door, but when I work for victims of trafficking, or the Heidi Search Center, I become endowed with super powers.

Recently, my family and I were in San Marcos, Texas attending an event to raise money for the Heidi Search Center. My husband began speaking to a bus driver while walking in the parking lot. Since he drives a truck, he struck up a conversation with the fellow driver. My husband told his new friend that his wife (me) works for a non-profit which helps find missing people and stops human trafficking. The driver said he was driving for a band and offered to bring the lead singer to meet me.

Well, to my very pleasant surprise, the singer was Lukas Nelson, son of super star Willie Nelson. I had just listened to Lukas sing a Don’t Mess With Texas ad in a nod to the ads his father had done years ago. I thought then how much I liked his voice but went back to my usual work and chaos of traffickers and missing cases. I let it slip my mind even though I meant to follow-up on his music.

Here I was, standing in front of Willie Nelson’s infamous bus which now belongs to his son’s band Promise of the Real.  The opportunity to be taking photos with Lukas, and speaking to him about the work we do, he now had my full attention!

Lukas is a gentle soul, the kind where you feel the embrace of his energy instantly rather than by need of conversation. He was so sweet to my disabled daughter (who is a music savant).  So, of course, since my daughter smiled, I bought his album on Amazon immediately and began to absorb myself in his music.

His music contains lyrics, sounds and rhythms that I have never heard and I can’t get enough. He embraces his father’s voice and songs, yet I hear his own voice coming through each song. His guitar whines, sings, and envelopes my soul in ways that defy my memory hearing before. In his voice I sometimes hear Willie, but Lukas has his own distinct vocals. He doesn’t shy away from his father, he embraces his music.

His relationship with Willie is an example I wish to show the teens and young adults I work with. So often they are tricked into not learning from their parents, they get lured into trafficking and other dangerous situations by being separated emotionally from them. They allow their own young egos to get the best of them. If teens and young adults could learn from their parents, embrace their lessons and move forward, their potential could be limitless. Lukas makes loving your parents not just cool, but stylish and beautiful. That example alone could save many from straying away from their families.

Listening to his album, I hear his beach experiences, his Texan birth rights, and the jam sessions with the world’s best musicians that he absorbed in his life. Now, Lukas and Promise of the Real is the big thing happening.

His soul touching lyrics like, “the moon will wipe my canvas clean” give me chills. Lukas posts videos to Facebook, and his recent post singing Willie’s Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,  which is my all-time favorite song, now Lukas’ version is my new favorite.

Lukas is in the early stages of becoming a shooting star. Since he hails from music legend, and always surrounded by other music legends, he may not know how amazing he is. However, that may be why he is an Angel flying so close to the ground.

Lukas Nelson – Promise of the Real, Something Real, played at White Water Amphitheater, New Braunfels, Texas

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real can be found on Facebook and at


Dottie Laster, human trafficking

Dottie Laster spent the last 13 years in the effort of the anti-human trafficking movement nationally and in her home state of Texas. She is the co-founder of the San Antonio, Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking and the past Administrator of the Orange County, California Human Trafficking Task Force and has successfully written millions in grants to assist children and victims of human trafficking.

Along with her position as Executive Director at Heidi Search Center, Laster is the Anti-Trafficking Coordinator with the Bernardo Kohler Center as an accredited representative recognized by the Bureau of Immigration Appeals to practice immigration law under BKC.

Laster is featured in the documentary on sex trafficking in Latin bars and cantinas, The Cantinera, and her direct rescue work is the subject of the MSNBC Documentary, Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue. She is the recipient of several human rights awards and has been featured in numerous publications including recent issues of Texas Monthly, Town Hall, and MORE Magazine’s Sex Trafficking’s Unlikely Angel and recipient of the Guardian Angel Award.

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